thumb trainer

On average youngsters take their smartphone 100 times a day, adults 34 times.
A big challenge for the muscles in our thumb.
Do preventive exercises with your thumb and prevent future muscle problems.
2.48 / unit When ordering 1000 units with personalization, with imprint in 1 color on & position

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Additional Information

Setup costs 42 €
material plastic, rubber
Minimum order quantity with logo 250
In the first instance a very unusual product, one would like to believe it. However, take a look at your daily life. Then it will be established that not only young people, but also young adults and increasingly adults are active for several hours with their smarphone.
In medicine there is already a term : 'the whatsapp finger' or 'SMS thumb'.
The unpleasant consequences include:
Cramp or pain in the hands and wrists;
Pain that radiates to the neck and / or shoulders;
Painful fingertips;
Tingling in the fingers;
Irritated feeling in joints (or attachments);
Reduced strength in the hand and fingers.

A medicine is not available, prevention is the only cure.

Good news: our thumb trainer is such a preventive solution !

It has been designed as a promotional tool for healthcare, but also for the electronics industry.
It is not a medical form of treatment, but serves as a preventive solution in the prevention of joint complaints.
It can therefore be a favorable product for the general public.