Cerruti 1881

Cerruti 1881

Since its beginnings in 1881, when Antonio Cerruti (Nino’s grandfather) founded his first weaving workshop in Biella, Italy, and until achieving lasting international status as a major fashion brand, Cerruti 1881 has continued to embody quality and style, craftsmanship and technology. Over the decades, Cerruti 1881 has shown that good modern styling should not just be desirable and inspired, but also innovative and sumptuous.

Today, Cerruti 1881 produces ready-to-wear lines for men carrying the “Cerruti 1881 Paris” label (fashionable trend and innovative), “Cerruti 1881” label (classic and elegant, formal and casual chic), as well as fragrances, leather goods collections, watches, jewellery, eyewear (sunglasses and corrective eyewear), ties, shoes and writing instruments, as well as a casualwear range and jeans for men and women under the 18CRR81 CERRUTI label.

Elegance, luxury and quality are still the bywords of the House, whose style has today become a leading reference in the fashion world. Always at the forefront of textile innovation, avant-garde, yet timeless, the ‘Cerruti 1881’ style is in a class of its own: lightweight, fluid, crease-resistant. The sense of design and the search for increasingly sophisticated fabrics contribute to the natural elegance of the label.

The brand’s Cerruti 1881 collections are aimed at men who care about looking their most elegant and for whom the quality of fabric and finishing details are essential.


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