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RCS Recycled stainless steel vacuum bottle 600ML
Excl. Tax: €15.88 Incl. Tax: €19.21
GRS recycled PP lunch box with spork
Excl. Tax: €10.58 Incl. Tax: €12.80
VINGA Baltimore bike bag
Excl. Tax: €42.37 Incl. Tax: €51.27
Impact AWARE™ recycled cotton tote 330 gsm
Excl. Tax: €5.30 Incl. Tax: €6.41
Swiss Peak deluxe pen set
Excl. Tax: €20.14 Incl. Tax: €24.37
GRS certified RPET A5 notebook
Excl. Tax: €5.30 Incl. Tax: €6.41
Sticky-Mate® recycled sticky notes 50 x 75 mm
Excl. Tax: €0.36 Incl. Tax: €0.44
100% RPET lanyards
Excl. Tax: €1.62 Incl. Tax: €1.96

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Terra RCS recycled aluminium wireless earbuds
Excl. Tax: €31.80 Incl. Tax: €38.48
RCS recycled plastic 10W wireless charging car holder
Excl. Tax: €15.88 Incl. Tax: €19.21
Ontario RCS rplastic 10W dual wireless
Excl. Tax: €31.80 Incl. Tax: €38.48
Bamboo 4.000 mAh wireless 5W Powerbank
Excl. Tax: €24.31 Incl. Tax: €29.42

Customized gifts

A personalised gift creates a lasting, tangible and positive memory of your company. A highly powerful marketing strategy that is relatively inexpensive in comparison.

Brand awareness
Acquire brand awareness through a creative corporate gift that suits you.
Build a lasting relationship with your audience.
Hop out
Strikingly and tangibly stand out in this digital world.
Build trust with your prospects and customers
Clear message
Spread your message with a proven marketing approach
Contribute to a better world
Considered an eco-gift yet? Good for your image and the planet.

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Find a suitable corporate gift

When considering a customised corporate gift, what should you think about?

Never just say 'giveaway' or 'promo material' to OSU Gifts' business gifts. As specialists in business gifts since 1978, we have found that there are three crucial factors for a business gift with high attention value:

A high-quality business gift made in Europe

Give your customers a printed business gift that is as qualitative as the service or product you offer. Therefore, choose a gift produced in Europe. An additional advantage: your business gifts will arrive faster and more smoothly.

A corporate gift to match the occasion

Business gifts are a rewarding gift at any time of year. If you really want to impress, choose a sustainable gift. Even if you give the business gift on the occasion of an open day, birthday, company anniversary, New Year, Easter, summer, ...

An eco-friendly business gift

Choose a product that matches the values of your company or brand. For sustainable relations, it is best to choose a sustainable gift. With ecological gifts, you show that you want to make a positive impact. In short: an ideal business gift is one that is qualitative, sustainable and that makes your target group think of you in a positive way at any time of the year.

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