Cap with logo

Getting a cap printed is an original way of making your company or organisation's logo or slogan highly visible. For yourself and your own colleagues or employees, or to give away to your customers, partners or suppliers. We will gladly help you select the right gift from the large selection of printed caps on our website.

Jockey cap
Excl. Tax: €1.71 Incl. Tax: €2.07
Bob hat
Excl. Tax: €5.14 Incl. Tax: €6.22
Turned brushed cap
Excl. Tax: €4.18 Incl. Tax: €5.06
Brushed baseball cap
Excl. Tax: €2.52 Incl. Tax: €3.05
Gatsby cap
Excl. Tax: €3.02 Incl. Tax: €3.65
Chef's hat
Excl. Tax: €3.22 Incl. Tax: €3.90
Heavy brushed cap
Excl. Tax: €3.63 Incl. Tax: €4.39
Brushed sandwich cap
Excl. Tax: €4.39 Incl. Tax: €5.31
Original kids trucker cap
Excl. Tax: €4.09 Incl. Tax: €4.95
Trucker cap high profile flat peak - retail line
Excl. Tax: €5.60 Incl. Tax: €6.78
Trucker cap medium profile curved peak
Excl. Tax: €5.66 Incl. Tax: €6.85
5 Panel Baseball Cap
Excl. Tax: €3.85 Incl. Tax: €4.66

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Personalise your cap

If you want to widely communicate your company's logo or slogan in a convenient way, then getting caps printed may not be the first thing you think of. Nevertheless, getting a headgear printed with your logo or slogan can be very effective. Especially during the summer months, caps with a logo are indispensable on the streets, as they offer ideal protection from the sun. For example when doing sports, on holiday, doing chores in the garden or at festivals. On our website, you will find a diverse range of caps for printing in different models, colours and designs. Are you unsure which printed caps best suit your target group or business philosophy? Then contact us and we will be happy to help you with our advice. If you have specific requirements, we will be happy to listen to what you need and make you a tailor-made proposal.

From baseball caps to sun visors

Print a cool cap or personalise a vintage cap: you will find a wide range of models on our website. The most obvious choices are baseball caps and trucker caps, both rather sporty caps. A baseball cap has a narrow front flap and is usually made entirely of the same material. The back of a trucker cap is made of plastic mesh, which provides cooling in heat. The front of this type of cap is somewhat wider. Does your target group consist of experienced hikers? Get a cap printed with a fabric extension at the back, which also protects the neck and ears during long trips in the sun. Would you have liked printed caps to give away to a group of children? Then you can print caps from our range of specific children's models. Besides standard caps with logo, we also offer sun visors that you can get printed.

Customised execution

So caps printed with your logo or slogan can be printed on different models. Most of these models are also available in different colours. You can get a cap printed in stylish black, sporty white, with a stylish herringbone pattern or in a cheerful bright colour. Some caps have an adjustable velcro closure at the back, others an adjustable snap closure in plastic or and metal buckle closure. The majority of caps are made in a cotton fabric and often have ventilation holes. For extra visibility, we can add LED lights or reflective accents. Do you have any questions about the models or versions? Then contact us and we will be happy to help you make the right choice for your target group.

Printing techniques

A cap can be printed using a number of personalisation techniques, between which you can choose in most cases. You can go for basic screen printing: an inexpensive choice for all kinds of decorations, such as large logos in different colours and text. If you prefer something more luxurious, you can also have your logo or slogan embroidered. Here, the fabric is decorated with stitched threads in the pattern of your logo or slogan. The neat result radiates quality. Personalising a cap with embroidery is possible for logos and slogans in up to 12 colours. Another technique that gives class to your printed caps is transfer printing with sharp results. Do not hesitate to contact us for advice on the suitable personalisation technique to get caps printed with your logo or slogan.