Printed gifts for women

On International Women's Day, we highlight the strength, courage and achievements of women around the world. Show your gratitude with a thoughtful gift that recognises and appreciates their contributions. Discover meaningful gifts that highlight women's diversity and talents. Put women of all backgrounds and life paths centre stage with a thoughtful gift that acknowledges their unique contributions. OSU GIFTS assists you in selecting a women's gift with your message or logo.

Excl. Tax: €3.77 Incl. Tax: €4.56
Pocket Mirror RE98-HADANO
Excl. Tax: €2.44 Incl. Tax: €2.95
Excl. Tax: €2.39 Incl. Tax: €2.89
Pocket Mirror RE98-ISPARTA
Excl. Tax: €0.51 Incl. Tax: €0.62
Pocket Mirror RE98-MANAMA
Excl. Tax: €5.35 Incl. Tax: €6.47
Pocket Mirror RE98-ENSENADA
Excl. Tax: €2.44 Incl. Tax: €2.95
Manicure set RE98-CANTON
Excl. Tax: €7.81 Incl. Tax: €9.45
Pocket Mirror RE98-OWEGO
Excl. Tax: €0.42 Incl. Tax: €0.51
Pocket Mirror RE98-HARBEL
Excl. Tax: €2.44 Incl. Tax: €2.95
Executive cosmetic bag
Excl. Tax: €15.88 Incl. Tax: €19.21
Swiss Peak AWARE™ RPET Voyager toiletry bag
Excl. Tax: €18.01 Incl. Tax: €21.79
Toiletry bag
Excl. Tax: €13.79 Incl. Tax: €16.69

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A beautiful mirror that lets her reflection shine, perfect for always seeing her best self. This mirror can even be personalised with a special message or her name, making it a unique and meaningful gift.

Toiletry bag:

A versatile toiletry bag with several pockets and compartments, ideal for organising her favourite toiletries. This toiletry bag can be printed with a stylish design or her initials, giving it a personal touch.


A luxurious lipstick in a surprising colour that will make her lips glow and boost her confidence. Our lipsticks can be personalised with your logo or message or even her name, making it a unique and thoughtful gift.


A fragrant candle with a warm glow, perfect for a relaxing and atmospheric ambience. Candle holders can be engraved with your message or printed with an inspirational quote, making it a personal and meaningful gift.

Hand cream:

A luxurious hand cream that moisturises and conditions her hands, leaving them always feeling soft and supple. This hand cream can be personalised with her initials.

Handbag holder:

A handy handbag holder that will keep her bag safe and organised wherever she goes. Our handbag holder with her initials or a stylish pattern she will love to use frequently.

Messenger bag:

A trendy shopping bag that is not only functional but also reflects her style and sustainable choices. We will provide our shopping bag with your message, logo or slogan.

On this International Women's Day, show that you appreciate the strength and versatility of women with gifts that recognise her unique contribution to the world. Celebrate women with the gift ideas from OSU GIFTS.