Fresh 'n Rebel sound experience gifts with imprint

Fresh 'n Rebel sound experience gifts with imprint


At Fresh 'n Rebel, we believe that making bold choices makes you unique. We encourage you to be authentic and express yourself in your own way because we understand that individuality is precious. With an inspiring campaign centred on our brand ambassadors, we introduce our brand claim: "Be bold. Choose different."
speaker Rockbox Bold X
Excl. Tax: €57.26 Incl. Tax: €69.28
headphones Clam 2
Excl. Tax: €61.75 Incl. Tax: €74.72
over ear headphones Clam 2 active noice cancelling
Excl. Tax: €89.21 Incl. Tax: €107.94
2PB6100 | Fresh 'n Rebel Powerbank 6.000mAh USB-C
Excl. Tax: €22.84 Incl. Tax: €27.64
2PB12100 | Fresh 'n Rebel Powerbank 12.000mAh USB-C Ultra Fast Charging 20W
2PB18100 | Fresh 'n Rebel Powerbank 18.000mAh USB-C Ultra Fast Charging 20W
2PB27100 I Fresh 'n Rebel Powerbank 27000 mAh USB-C - 65W PD
2WC30 I Fresh 'n Rebel Mini Charger USB-C + A PD // 30W
Excl. Tax: €23.62 Incl. Tax: €28.58
3TW2200 I Fresh 'n Rebel Twins Blaze - True Wireless earbuds with ENC
1RB7400 I Fresh 'n Rebel Bold M2-Waterproof Bluetooth speaker
1RB7500 I Fresh 'n Rebel Bold L2 - Waterproof Bluetooth speaker
3HP1000 I Fresh 'n Rebel Code Core-Wireless on-ear Headphone

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Bluetooth speakers
Connect your phone to the wireless speaker via Bluetooth and enjoy your favourite music anytime, anywhere.

In-ear earbuds
Earbuds are wireless earphones that connect to your phone via Bluetooth. The earbuds charge automatically in the included case, so you can enjoy your favourite music or podcast on the go for hours!

Over-ear headphones
Cut yourself off from the world for a while with Over-Ear Headphones. These headphones fall completely over your ears, almost completely blocking out ambient noise and allowing you to enjoy your favourite music even more.

Charge your devices wherever you are. On a plane, in the train or on a hike; with our Powerbanks you will never run out of energy!