Printed Duracell powerbanks

Printed Duracell powerbanks

Experience unrivalled quality with Duracell powerbanks - reliable companions that deliver time after time. Charge on the go with the confidence of a brand that has been synonymous with durability and reliability for decades. OSU GIFTS does your logo or message shine with a print or laser engraving. So your your your brand is always in the spotlight.
Duracell Powerbank Charge 10
Excl. Tax: €39.43 Incl. Tax: €47.71
Duracell Powerbank Core 10
Excl. Tax: €53.11 Incl. Tax: €64.26
Duracell Powerbank Micro 5
Excl. Tax: €37.67 Incl. Tax: €45.58

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Reliable energy on the go

Duracell powerbanks ensure you have a reliable source of energy wherever you are. Whether you're on the way to a meeting, travelling or simply want to stay mobile, our powerbanks deliver the energy your smartphone or laptop needs to stay connected.

Advanced charging modes

Our powerbanks feature the latest and most powerful charging modes to meet all your needs. Whether you have a device with USB-C or prefer wireless charging, Duracell powerbanks offer versatile options that meet the demands of the modern user.

Personal branding

At OSU GIFTS, we go beyond just providing high-quality powerbanks. We offer the option of printing your logo on the powerbanks, making them not only a handy gadget, but also a powerful marketing tool for your company. Moreover, we can provide the factory packaging with a personalised sleeve that perfectly matches your corporate branding. This way, your brand will be recognised and remembered everywhere, every time the powerbank is used or seen.

Durability and reliability

Duracell has been known for its durability and reliability for decades. With our powerbanks, we carry on this legacy, so you can have peace of mind that you can rely on the quality and performance you expect from a reputable brand.