Technology has evolved very rapidly over the last two decades. Smartphones, tablets and smartwatches now dominate the tech landscape. Yet there is one remarkable observation: battery technology has evolved at a much slower pace. The result is that batteries run out of power very quickly and often last no longer than a day. That's why you need a bit of extra energy. This is one of the reasons why the powerbank is so popular. Because they are used so often, a powerbank as a business gift is an incredibly good idea.

PowerCube Extended
Excl. Tax: €17.97 Incl. Tax: €21.74
PowerCube Extended (3.0m)
Excl. Tax: €20.99 Incl. Tax: €25.40
PowerCube Extended Duo USB (1.5)
Excl. Tax: €23.60 Incl. Tax: €28.56
PowerCube Extended Duo USB (3.0m)
Excl. Tax: €26.38 Incl. Tax: €31.92
PowerCube Extended Remote set
Excl. Tax: €39.61 Incl. Tax: €47.93
PowerCube ReWirable
Excl. Tax: €22.13 Incl. Tax: €26.78
PowerCube ReWirable Duo USB
Excl. Tax: €26.87 Incl. Tax: €32.51
PowerCube extended monitor 1.5 m
Excl. Tax: €34.55 Incl. Tax: €41.81
USB cable 3-in-1
Excl. Tax: €6.13 Incl. Tax: €7.42
Powercube Extended 1.5 m + switch DE
Excl. Tax: €18.38 Incl. Tax: €22.24
Excl. Tax: €24.42 Incl. Tax: €29.55
Excl. Tax: €33.08 Incl. Tax: €40.03

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Looking for the best powerbank

A powerbank is basically an external rechargeable battery that can be used to charge devices with a USB port. There are different types of powerbanks. There are powerbanks with their own solar cell. Giving away a printed power bank is a good idea at festivals and events where people do not have immediate access to electricity. We should also make a distinction according to the capacity of the power bank. The capacity, expressed in mAh, determines how much energy the power bank can store and release. The larger the capacity, the better. With more capacity the power bank can charge your smartphone more often. With cheap powerbanks 2,000 to 2,500 mAh is often the limit. With that, your phone may be able to be charged a single time. When you are looking for the best buy powerbank, 10000 mAh or more is recommended. With such a good powerbank you can charge a smartphone several times. Often it is even possible to charge heavier devices such as laptops.

Subtle differences between powerbanks

We can also make a distinction based on the number of ports that powerbanks have. A mini powerbank often only has a single USB-C port, while better models often have more. This also allows you to charge several devices at the same time. The Mojogear Mini is an example of a good powerbank that allows you to charge several devices simultaneously. Support for the quick charge technology can also play a role in the selection process. The same can be said about the presence of LED lights that show the battery status of the powerbank.

New: the wireless power bank

New to the range of powerbanks are the wireless powerbanks. More and more smartphones are equipped with so-called wireless charging technology. With wireless powerbanks it is sufficient to place the smartphone on the powerbank, without the need for cables. This makes it more convenient to carry and use. This only works if the smartphone supports this technology. That is why wireless powerbanks usually still have USB ports to use it as before. You can buy such a wireless powerbank from us too. You can get it printed just like any other powerbank.

Get the best tested powerbank printed

Did you choose a powerbank? Then you can get your powerbank printed by us. A printed powerbank is a very effective way of reaching your target audience. After all, a powerbank is frequently used and sometimes lent out. Your message will therefore be seen. Power banks with a logo are a particularly nice gift at events such as festivals. Naturally, you can also print a powerbank with a slogan. Then focus on key words such as energy, power and battery. Dare to row against the tide and make sure your message gets noticed. Incidentally, it is not only fun to print such a powerbank at events. A printed powerbank can also be a good way of giving your business contacts energy. Whether it is a business partner or a member of staff: a powerbank gift is always appreciated.

Get a powerbank printed by OSU Gifts

At OSU Gifts, you have the choice between numerous power banks in various price categories. Our range goes from cheap powerbanks that charge a smartphone once to expensive variants that are ideal as a business gift. Compact powerbanks that can be carried around like a key ring are also possible. For large quantities, you can also get the power bank printed. We have various solutions available for this, such as the 360° printing. You can order the powerbank online by requesting a quote via the product page. We will then contact you as soon as possible.

A suitable power bank for every business relation

At OSU Gifts, we stand for a personal approach and put your message first. This means that we help you determine the ideal way to get your message across. We are also happy to help you choose a suitable powerbank for your staff, employees or future customers. We believe that there is a suitable power bank for every relationship. Thanks to our various personalisation techniques, we can always give it your logo, company name, slogan