Ballpoint with imprint

Whether as a business gift or a promotional tool: you can always score with printed ballpoint pens. With us, you can buy and get printed the most diverse types of ballpoint pens. These range from very cheap ballpoint pens that do what they have to do to luxury ballpoint pens in a gift box. We offer numerous solutions, including personalisation techniques. And as you would expect from us, we are happy to help you communicate in a low-threshold way.

FidgetPen Magnet
Excl. Tax: €8.08 Incl. Tax: €9.78
DS4 PMM Matt
Excl. Tax: €1.61 Incl. Tax: €1.95
DS1TFF Frosted
Excl. Tax: €1.05 Incl. Tax: €1.27
DS1TFS Frosted with Satin Metal Nose-Cone
Excl. Tax: €1.39 Incl. Tax: €1.68
Excl. Tax: €1.05 Incl. Tax: €1.27
DS1TMS Matt with Satin Metal Nose-Cone
Excl. Tax: €1.39 Incl. Tax: €1.68
DS1TPC Polished with Chrome Metal Nose-Cone
Excl. Tax: €1.39 Incl. Tax: €1.68
DS1TPP Polished
Excl. Tax: €1.05 Incl. Tax: €1.27
DS1TTC Transparent with Chrome Metal Nose-Cone
Excl. Tax: €1.39 Incl. Tax: €1.68
DS1TTT Transparent
Excl. Tax: €1.05 Incl. Tax: €1.27
DS2PFF Frosted
Excl. Tax: €1.42 Incl. Tax: €1.72
DS2PFS Frosted with Satin Metal Nose-Cone
Excl. Tax: €1.82 Incl. Tax: €2.20

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Printing ballpoint pens for clients, associates and partners.

Our ballpoints with imprint and ball-point pens are a popular choice. This should come as no surprise. After all, getting ballpoint pens printed is a very good idea when you wish to spread a message. Our printed pens are easy to hand out and use, so your message will be seen. Printing ballpoint pens is therefore one of the most efficient solutions for spreading your message. Yet printed ballpoint pens can also be fun as business gift. This is even more so when you choose one of our luxury ballpoint pens, such as the . With us, you can choose between various types of printed ballpoint pens, so there is always a suitable gift to be found. We have the gift of always offering a suitable gift, so be sure to let our experts assist you.

Buying and printing different types of ballpoint pens

We can print different types of ballpoint pens. We therefore offer pens with logo from different brands. For example, think of a printed Parker pen, Stabilo ballpoint pens or BIC printed ballpoint pens. Popular choices such as the Parker pens, Parker's best-selling retractable refillable ballpoint pen, are available with us. For special events, you can even buy special ballpoint pens, such as a personalised biros with a wooden heart as a hat.

Furthermore, we always have a suitable customisation solution. Popular is all-round screen printing. This printing method is ideal for curved surfaces and is also used, for example, on cups and flasks. Would you rather have luxury pens printed with your logo, name or slogan? Then diamond engraving is a good idea. Diamond engraving can be used on various types of metal and has a luxurious appearance. Ideal as a great value gift!

Eco-friendly printed ballpoint pens for a green message

From an ecological point of view, business gifts don't have quite the best reputation. Totally unjustified, especially if you opt for functional gifts that do not disappear in the wastepaper basket. And particularly when it comes to ecological ballpoint pens. Here, too, we offer several solutions. These sustainable ballpoint pens with logo are made of recycled PET, originating from soft drink and water bottles. Each dumped 500ml bottle is turned into a ball pen.

And our paper- and wheat-waste-based pen is also a winner. The wheat waste is a residual product from the food industry, while the paper comes from collected paper waste. These ballpoint pens contain no plastic, use recycled materials and no tree was chopped down for them. It is ideal for those who want to use ballpoint pens to write a sustainable story. As always, you can have these ballpoint pens packaged by us. We use kraft paper and underline the sustainable message.

Always an appropriate solution thanks to OSU Gifts

We at OSU GIFTS can personalise not only ballpoint pens. In fact, you can also come to us for other printed writing instruments. For example, you can get a fountain pen printed, as well as pencils or markers. For the best relations, you can even get a luxury pen printed by us. And, of course, we have lots of additional products, such as our printed memo notes, writing folders and notepads.

On our website, you will discover all the possibilities we are happy to explain to you. We respond quickly to e-mails and assist you by phone. Contact us for more information.