Writing instruments with imprint

It has been the case for years that the best business gifts are functional. More than fifty percent of the recipients even consider this to be a requirement. Of course, what is functional depends on the target group. Nevertheless, there are objects that work well with almost any target group. Writing gifts, such as a pencil or a printed pen, are a very good example of this. A printed pen is a great business gift and you can also use it for your advertising. Get pens printed quickly and count on our fast delivery. This will make you stand out from your potential customers in no time.

FidgetPen Magnet
Excl. Tax: €8.09 Incl. Tax: €9.79
DS4 PMM Matt
Excl. Tax: €1.61 Incl. Tax: €1.95
DS1TFF Frosted
Excl. Tax: €1.05 Incl. Tax: €1.27
DS1TFS Frosted with Satin Metal Nose-Cone
Excl. Tax: €1.39 Incl. Tax: €1.68
Excl. Tax: €1.05 Incl. Tax: €1.27
DS1TMS Matt with Satin Metal Nose-Cone
Excl. Tax: €1.39 Incl. Tax: €1.68
DS1TPC Polished with Chrome Metal Nose-Cone
Excl. Tax: €1.39 Incl. Tax: €1.68
DS1TPP Polished
Excl. Tax: €1.05 Incl. Tax: €1.27
DS1TTC Transparent with Chrome Metal Nose-Cone
Excl. Tax: €1.39 Incl. Tax: €1.68
DS1TTT Transparent
Excl. Tax: €1.05 Incl. Tax: €1.27
DS2PFF Frosted
Excl. Tax: €1.42 Incl. Tax: €1.72
DS2PFS Frosted with Satin Metal Nose-Cone
Excl. Tax: €1.81 Incl. Tax: €2.19

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From cheap printed pens to luxury printed pens

One of the main advantages of printed pens is that there is so much choice. In almost all price ranges and for almost all target groups, printed pens are very suitable. You can print pens cheaply for promotional purposes. Cheap, quality printed pens cost less than twenty euro cents each. This results in a low costs, especially when compared to other business gifts. In a slightly higher price range, you can opt for the Stabilo pencil, for example.

Want to go the extra mile? Then you can also have luxury pens printed. When you have such pens printed, you will impress your partners and strengthen your relationship. Sometimes, these printed pens even come in a 'gift set' with extras such as a key ring and a business card holder. Examples of printed pens in the higher price range are Parker pens. This does not only apply to Parker fountain pens, because stylish roller ball pens are also among the possibilities.

Ecologically responsible printed pens

By printing pens, you can appeal to almost all target groups with a minimum of ecological impact. After all, a printed pen is a gift that can also be perfectly ecologically responsible. For instance, you can order pens from us that are made of rolled-up recycled paper and wheat waste. This wheat would normally go to waste, but now it helps to reduce the plastic soup. You can also have such a printed pen literally packaged, even in small quantities "://"landing://19 ecological gifts. For such an ecological pen, you can rest assured that we do not use plastic. For such printed pens, we use a sustainable kraft paper.

Always a matching printed pen

The freedom of printed pens goes beyond thousands of articles to choose from. We can print your balloints, in different ways. Printing pens with a logo, image, slogan and/or contact details? It is all possible. Moreover, you can often make your own choices. Your logo in the middle, at the bottom or on top? We will gladly help you. In accordance with the operation of the website, you can already discover the possibilities online. We would also be happy to explain everything to you.

Moreover, printed pens is a good idea for all occasions. Not only because printed pens suit every occasion, but also because they are easy to customise. For example, you can print pens with an appropriate New Year's greeting. And you will also give the printed pens a festive colour.

On our website, you will find the possibilities. You can also print thematic pens. An example of this is the printed Romeo pens. These are plastic printed pens with a logo and a rubber heart that lights up when touched. Printing these pens is a good idea for Valentine's Day. Would you like to get thematic pens printed for other occasions as well? Then please contact us. We will be happy to help you by telephone or e-mail, even with small quantities.

OSU Gifts, your partner for printed pens and other business gifts

Do you want to get pens printed or are you looking for the ideal way to get your message across? We would like to help you. We distinguish ourselves through our personal approach in which we always think along with you. We offer more than 100,000 different gift products, ranging from printed pens to window wipers and photo frames. Customised finishing is possible and everything can be personalised. Contact us without obligation and immediately count on the added value of our personal customer service support.