Printed tote bags

Panama zippered tote bag 20L
Excl. Tax: €4.67 Incl. Tax: €5.65
Carolina 100 g/m² cotton tote bag 7L
Excl. Tax: €0.87 Incl. Tax: €1.05
Mumbay cotton pocket jute tote bag 18L
Excl. Tax: €4.45 Incl. Tax: €5.38
Hampton transparent tote bag 13L
Excl. Tax: €4.11 Incl. Tax: €4.97
Maryville non-woven shopping tote bag 28L
Excl. Tax: €0.98 Incl. Tax: €1.19
Bungalow foldable tote bag 7L
Excl. Tax: €1.10 Incl. Tax: €1.33
Nevada 100 g/m² cotton tote bag coloured handles 7L
Excl. Tax: €1.34 Incl. Tax: €1.62
Chennai jute tote bag 16L
Excl. Tax: €3.65 Incl. Tax: €4.42
Odessa 220 g/m² cotton tote bag 13L
Excl. Tax: €3.24 Incl. Tax: €3.92
Madras 140 g/m² cotton tote bag 7L
Excl. Tax: €0.80 Incl. Tax: €0.97
Harry coloured edge jute tote bag 25L
Excl. Tax: €4.00 Incl. Tax: €4.84
Ningbo 320 g/m² zippered cotton tote bag 15L
Excl. Tax: €4.94 Incl. Tax: €5.98

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What is a tote bag?

The tote bag is a classic in contemporary fashion. But where does the name come from? The word 'tote' stands for carry and a 'bag' is, of course, a bag. So a tote bag is a bag for carrying things. A tote bag is not only stylish but also practical. In everyday life, a tote bag is used to carry things to work or school. They are also handy for carrying your loot while shopping. Besides that, they are often used at fairs, to give brochures and flyers to potential clients. Tote bags are available in various materials. Since the disappearance of the plastic bag especially cotton and canvas are popular materials for a tote bag. These materials are not only environmentally friendly but also of high quality and strong. Thanks to the low price tag, tote bags are the perfect promotional material for your company.

Why get a tote bag printed?

You can personalise your tote bag by getting it printed. The tote bags we offer are perfect for printing with your slogan, a text or your logo. There are many reasons to get a tote bag printed. It is an easy way to show your logo everywhere and increase brand awareness. Every time customers take your tote bag to the shop, to work or to school, others will see your logo or slogan. Few other promotional products get as much exposure as printed tote bags. Tests show that as many as 89% of customers who receive a printed tote bag actually remember the company. This makes a printed tote bag a sustainable business gift that shows in a creative way that your company feels strongly about sustainability and is socially involved.

How to use a tote bag as promotional material?

Now that you have your printed tote bag, you will of course want to put it to the best possible use. For example, you could make it part of a welcome package for your new employees. If you fill the tote bag with a notebook and a pen with your logo, new employees will immediately feel a connection with your company and they will also carry the tote bag outside of work. Besides that, tote bags are great to hand out at events and fairs. If you fill them with flyers or a brochure of your company, potential customers will have all the information they need in one go.

Which material should you choose for your printed tote bag?

OSU Gifts has tote bags in various sizes, fabrics and colours. If you want to get your tote bag printed, the choice of material is very important. For example, a non-woven bag is very suitable to be printed, but you have to take into account that the material is less sturdy and is especially suitable for light loads. This makes it the perfect tote bag to hand out at trade fairs but there is a big chance that the tote bag will not be used very often afterwards. A jute, canvas or cotton bag is a lot sturdier than a non-woven bag and is therefore more suitable for heavier loads.

Personalisation techniques at OSU Gifts

At OSU Gifts, we have various techniques for printing a tote bag.

Puff printing

Printing a tote bag with puff printing means that we generate a 3D effect by means of screen printing. This gives a luxurious look to your tote bag.


You can personalise your tote bag by means of embroidery. Embroidery is a classic decoration technique where coloured threads are stitched into a pattern. This gives a sturdy and durable result with a distinguished and sophisticated look. In addition, this technique is perfectly applicable to polyester and cotton. We have a wide range of colours available, so we are sure to find the one that is perfect for your logo.

Screen printing

In screen printing, your logo is placed on a mesh and the ink is pressed through the mesh. Personalising a tote bag with this technique gives clear, sharp images and is inexpensive.


With transfer, a screen printed image is first created on paper and then transferred to your tote bag using glue and heat. Personalising a tote bag has never been easier or cheaper. This technique is particularly suitable for absorbent materials such as cotton or jute. Your message comes across sharply and the adhesion is sublime.

Digital transfer

A digital transfer is identical to a transfer where an image is first printed on paper and then transferred to your tote bag using glue and heat. Personalising a tote bag has never been easier or cheaper. This technique is particularly suitable for images, photos or logos in multiple colours. As with transfer, this technique offers extremely good coverage.