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Our drinking bottles

A drinking bottle is not only handy for the office, while exercising or on the road. By using a drinking bottle, you also contribute to a sustainable planet. For every year you drink from a reusable drinking bottle or water bottle, you save up to 167 disposable plastic bottles. In addition, with a drinking bottle around, you are more likely to drink enough water.

Drinking bottles can be found in different materials. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages. For instance, stainless steel does not absorb taste or smell, tritan is the most durable material and safest for health, and aluminium is durable and light. BPA-free drinking bottles are available especially for children.

You can also choose between a regular drinking bottle and an insulation bottle.

Those who think of an insulation bottle mainly think of a thermos for soup or hot coffee. Yet an insulation bottle is not only suitable for keeping your drink warm. In summer, an insulation bottle is also great for keeping your favourite drink cold. A drinking bottle, on the other hand, will neither keep your drink cold nor hot.

A final important aspect of a drinking bottle is its colour and design. With us, you can choose from both translucent and fully coloured drinking bottles. You choose whether you want a neutral colour or an eye-catching colour for your drinking bottle.

Why get your bottle printed?

Do you want to get your bottle printed? You can! A printed drinking bottle is a source of strong promotion. You can hand out the drinking bottle as a business gift, give it to potential clients at trade shows or events, or give it to new employees as part of their starter kit. Everyone who uses your drinking bottle to drink their beverage afterwards will come into contact with your logo every time. In addition, the company present also gets to see your logo. For many people, a drinking bottle is an accessory they carry with them during lunch or on a trip with the family or friends. Personalising a drinking bottle or water bottle with your logo or your own design is thus a great way to increase your company's brand awareness - in a sustainable way.

How to personalise a water bottle?

Printing a drinking bottle can be done in different ways. The method depends on the type of material your drinking bottle is made of. Below, we run through some of the personalisation techniques we use to apply your message or logo.

360° digital printing

Personalising your water bottle with all-round digital printing ensures that your logo is maximised on the drinking bottle. With this technique, you can have full colour images printed and you are assured of a fast delivery of your printed drinking bottles. This technique also allows you to add a personal message or a name. This way, your customer will receive a personalised bottle as a gift.

Laser engraving

A laser beam is used to etch your logo or your own design into a surface. Laser engraving is of high quality and gives your product unique tone-on-tone effects. With laser engraving, the colour of your design does depend on the colour of the substrate.

Two-colour laser engraving

Aluminium and stainless steel drinking bottles give you an impressive print with two-colour laser engraving. As the second colour is lasered more intensely, a darker colour is created.

Diamond engraving

Using a diamond, your logo is scratched into a surface. This technique is permanent, durable and has great precision.

Pad printing

Pad printing is an affordable way to print a drinking bottle with your logo. Here, the print image is formed by ink, which is transferred to the drinking bottle with the help of a silicone pad from an engraved plate. If your logo consists of several colours, this technique gives great results.

Round screen printing

In round screen printing, a fine mesh is placed on the drinking bottle. By pressing ink through the mesh, we obtain a sharp, clear image of your logo. During the printing process, your drinking bottle is rotated so that the entire surface of the drinking bottle is printed. This technique gives a durable and high-quality result.