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Print mugs and cups

Would you like to print your mugs or cups with your logo or a catchy slogan? You have come to the right place at OSU GIFTS. A personalized coffee mug will put you in the picture every morning with your business partners and clients. Let OSU GIFTS assist you in making the most of this opportunity.

A wide range of mugs and cups

OSU GIFTS offers you a wide range of personalized mugs and cups. You can choose between stoneware, ceramic and glass coffee mugs, among others. Stoneware can be recognised by the fine sound it makes when you tap it against the coffee cup. Stoneware coffee mugs are hard and waterproof, which makes them perfect for drinking hot drinks from. Ceramic coffee mugs have both aesthetic qualities and a durable character. The mugs are resistant to chemical attack, which means that they are colour fixed, even after the twentieth cup of coffee of the day. If you choose a double-walled glass coffee mug, you get an extra insulating glass. So your coffee or tea will stay hot long enough even during a busy morning.

We also have thermal cups in our range. Our thermo-cups are available in bamboo, stainless steel and recycled plastic made from sugar cane. Bamboo is sturdy yet light and environmentally friendly. In addition, bamboo has a kind of antibacterial effect and repels bacteria, as it were. Stainless steel is BPA-free and ensures a 100% leak proof thermos cup in which your hot drink stays warm for at least 4 hours and your cold drink stays cold for at least 8 hours. A thermo-cup made of recycled plastic from sugar cane is a sustainable alternative to disposable cups.

Printed mugs and printed cups as a business gift

A coffee mug or cup is an item that is used several times a day. Many people start the day with one or more cups of coffee and a cup of coffee is also indispensable during lunch or after an extensive dinner. In addition, a nice mug is not only used for coffee, but also for tea, which is often drunk throughout the day. That makes a printed coffee cup the perfect business gift. Every time your business relation or customer drinks a cup of coffee or tea, there will be contact with your logo. The people in his or her immediate surroundings will also see your logo or text, which will increase your name recognition. By printing coffee mugs with a playful, humorous text, you give people a reason to talk about your brand. Something to think about before you start printing coffee mugs.
Print coffee mugs with your logo, catchy slogan or photo

Printing your mugs with your logo or slogan looks nice and is a nice business gift to give away. But you don't have to keep it subtle and inconspicuous. You can personalize your mug with the name of your business relation or you can go a step further and print the mug with a photo. How about a picture of your team or your head office? Because we print your mugs in full color, the possibilities are endless!

Our personalisation techniques

We have a large number of personalisation techniques available for your coffee cup. We briefly go through them below and tell you which technique fits best with your goal of getting your mugs printed.

360° digital printing

Would you like to print a coffee cup with a photo? Then choose 360° digital printing. This technique offers various extra possibilities, such as adding a personal message and/or a name. This way, your client immediately recognises his or her cup.

Laser engraving

Laser engraving is ideal for personalising stainless steel coffee mugs. The laser beam ensures great precision. We can also engrave your message in multiple colors and personalize it with a personal message or a name. A laser engraving is permanent and therefore also dishwasher safe.

Pad printing

Pad printing is an affordable way to personalize your coffee mugs. We can also use this technique if your logo has multiple colors.

UV high gloss printing

UV high gloss printing is a direct screen print using environmentally friendly UV ink. In addition, this printing technique is dishwasher safe, so it is perfect for printing your coffee mugs.