Notepads with logo

Would you like to print a personalised notepad? Commonly known as a notepad, this is a practical and original printed medium. Always at hand, the personalised note pad will discreetly and permanently convey your name and brand image. Frequently used as a business gift or promotional item, the personalised notepad is an effective communication medium that will accompany your customers and prospects in their day-to-day activities. Finally, for quality at a low price: whether you're looking for A4, A5 or A6 personalised notepads, call on our services for your notepad printing project.

Desk-Mate® A4 notepad
Excl. Tax: €1.40 Incl. Tax: €1.69
Desk-Mate® A5 notepad
Excl. Tax: €1.02 Incl. Tax: €1.23
Desk-Mate® A6 notepad
Excl. Tax: €0.80 Incl. Tax: €0.97
Desk-Mate® A7 notepad
Excl. Tax: €0.58 Incl. Tax: €0.70
Desk-Mate® 1/3 A4 notepad
Excl. Tax: €1.02 Incl. Tax: €1.23
Desk-Mate® A4 notepad wrap over cover
Excl. Tax: €2.25 Incl. Tax: €2.72
Desk-Mate® A5 notepad wrap over cover
Excl. Tax: €1.33 Incl. Tax: €1.61
Essential conference pack A4 notepad and pen
Excl. Tax: €7.91 Incl. Tax: €9.57
Desk-Mate® A2 recycled notepad
Excl. Tax: €8.71 Incl. Tax: €10.54
Desk-Mate® A3 recycled notepad
Excl. Tax: €4.40 Incl. Tax: €5.32
Desk-Mate® A4 recycled notepad
Excl. Tax: €2.52 Incl. Tax: €3.05
Desk-Mate® A5 recycled notepad
Excl. Tax: €1.45 Incl. Tax: €1.75

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Have you ever thought about printing writing pads and distributing them to your employees and customers? Although we live in a digital age, a notebook is still indispensable. If people want to write something down during a meeting or telephone conversation, they often reach for a notepad. A notepad with your logo is therefore an essential item in every office. We are happy to help you choose the right notepad for your employees and customers.

Notepads with logo for your employees

A notepad with logo may not be the first item you think of to communicate your logo or slogan on. Nevertheless, it can be very effective to distribute printed notepads among your employees. After all, your employees use a notepad several times a day, both while working and during a meeting. By sending your employees out with a notepad with a logo, they leave a professional impression with (potential) customers and suppliers. In addition, seeing your logo increases your brand awareness with every customer contact of your employee. A notepad with a logo is a cheap item with a big impact.

Printing writing pads as a promotional gift

Notepads printed with your logo are also ideal as a promotional gift. You can hand out printed notepads as a year-end gift or at your event. Particularly during a conference, it is useful that the participants receive a notepad with a logo, so that they can immediately write down the most important matters. Don't hesitate to put some printed notepads in your meeting rooms. Customers or suppliers who do not have to write with you can take your notepad with them. At a meeting with the next customer, they will retrieve this notepad and your logo or slogan will receive even more exposure.

Types of notebooks

At Osu Gifts we have a wide range of notepads. If you choose an A4 format, you choose a writing pad that offers a lot of space and fits perfectly in any laptop bag. The slightly smaller A5 format is ideal for short memos. The A6 format is especially useful for to-do lists. Our notepads are available with a spiral or glued. If you are unsure which notepad is best for your target group, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to give you tailor-made advice.

We print notepads with our personalization techniques

Printing a notepad with your logo or slogan can be done in different ways. Once you've chosen a notepad, choose the printing position of your logo. You have the option of printing notepads on the front or back of the sheets. If the notepad has a cover, the logo can also be printed on it, on both the front and back.

We print your notebook via digital printing, among other things. During this process, the print image is formed by ink droplets. These droplets are sprayed onto the notepad and immediately dried with UV light. This technique is ideal for a logo with multiple colors, and gives you the option to choose a unique effect in glossy or matte finish. You can also opt for foil printing. This is an embossed print and has a metallic finish. This unique 3D effect gives a distinguished and chic end result. You can also opt for a unique 3D effect with a subtle ton-sur-ton with reduced relief printing. This technique does not use color. Pad printing is an affordable and good all-round solution. This economical technique is fast and suitable for logos in multiple colors.