Een paraplu als leuk geschenk op een regenachtige dag


A solid umbrella: confident in our rainy country always comes in handy. A golden move as a gift. And especially if you choose another for the right personalization. The specialists of OSU GIFTS will select with you undoubtedly the only right umbrella, with or without appropriate message.

A wide range of umbrellas

An umbrella as a gift: it sounds easier than it is. You clearly have a wide range : small or big? With or without printing? And if with your message : for which impact you ideally choose? OSU GIFTS in Kortrijk will formulate you the right answer to these questions. Until we get to the perfect, 'watertight' gift.

Gift for any audience.

We offer storm umbrellas, mini and giant umbrellas and even umbrellas for fledgling artists, because they can be painted. To whom you want to communicate your company's message? we have the right umbrella.