An umbrella is an example of a functional gift. Such gifts are always appreciated, especially on a rainy day. Moreover, you can print an umbrella with your logo, name and photo. By doing so, you give the umbrella a message and it can even serve as a promotional item.

Falcone - Large umbrella - Automatic - Windproof - 120 cm - /
Excl. Tax: €17.41 Incl. Tax: €21.07
Huomio reverse rPet Umbrella
Excl. Tax: €21.81 Incl. Tax: €26.39
SP Aware™ RPET Ultra-light full auto 20.5”umbrella
Excl. Tax: €15.88 Incl. Tax: €19.21
Swiss Peak Aware™ Tornado 27” pocket storm umbrella
Excl. Tax: €24.36 Incl. Tax: €29.48
Swiss Peak Aware™ Ultra-light manual 25” Alu umbrella
Excl. Tax: €16.92 Incl. Tax: €20.47
21" Impact AWARE™ 190T mini auto open umbrella
Excl. Tax: €13.74 Incl. Tax: €16.63
20.5"Impact AWARE™ RPET 190T pongee mini reflective umbrella
20.5" Impact AWARE™ RPET 190T mini umbrella
Excl. Tax: €8.44 Incl. Tax: €10.21
21" Impact AWARE™ RPET 190T mini auto open umbrella
Excl. Tax: €10.58 Incl. Tax: €12.80
21" Impact AWARE™ RPET 190T auto open/close umbrella
Excl. Tax: €15.88 Incl. Tax: €19.21
21" Impact AWARE™ RPET 190T bamboo auto open/close umbrella

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Buy various types of umbrellas at OSU Gifts

One of the advantages of buying a stylish umbrella is the wide choice you have. This ranges from a simple folding umbrella for travelling to special dome umbrellas or heart-shaped umbrellas. Also available are duo umbrellas for two people, golf umbrellas, stylish business umbrellas and square umbrellas. You can also buy an ecologically responsible umbrella. Such umbrellas are made almost entirely of eco-friendly materials such as bamboo and recycled PET bottles. In short: you can buy a suitable umbrella for every target audience. And in a rainy Europe, this certainly is one of the better gifts.

Choice of various colours and materials

Not only can you buy different types of umbrellas from us, but you also have a number of options to choose from. Many of our umbrellas come in different colours. These include the standard colours, such as white, red, yellow, green and blue, but also special colours are available.

For example, you can buy a red printed umbrella for when the Belgium soccer team is playing. Or you could do the same with an orange one for your Dutch relations. Not only can you choose between different colours, but there is also a lot of freedom when it comes to materials. PVC, bamboo, polyester and so on: thanks to our wide range, buying a good umbrella is really easy.

The solution with a printed umbrella

An umbrella is always a good idea as a business gift, especially now that you have the choice between different models and price ranges. What is also a good idea is printing an umbrella. This allows you to give your gifts a message and ensure brand awareness on a rainy day. At OSU Gifts, you will have various options for your printed umbrella. For example, you can print an umbrella with a logo, name and photo or whatever you choose. We offer various printing options and think along with you.

Buy an umbrella: also suitable as a promotional item

Although many people buy umbrellas as business gifts, they are also very good promotional items. A rainy day is no exception in our part of the world and it is precisely then that your message will be heard. Moreover, a functional gift such as an umbrella is always appreciated. Especially during outdoor activities, such as festivals, a folding umbrella is a nice giveaway.


Would you like to know more about our umbrellas or would you like to purchase an umbrella? Please contact us and we will help you immediately.